Choosing the Best Pack and Play Playards: A Sleeping Place for Your Baby

A useful purchase for parents with newborn babies, playards can provide a safe space for newborns to sleep and play, both at home and on the move.

One of the important things to consider when choosing playards is the functionality your pack’n’play will have, as modern playards may come with a variety of additional attachments. Here are some of the main features to note before making a purchase.

Different Types of Best Pack and Play Playards

Pack and Play PlayardThere are two types of playards: basic models and deluxe models.

Basic playards are usually portable and lightweight. This type allows parents to easily fit them through doors, move them from room to room and even transport them in the trunk of the car.

Deluxe models are usually more expensive, but also include additional features. Deluxe type of playards may include additional features such as canopies, music, bassinets and charging station.


If you’re moving a lot, consider picking one of the modern playards that are designed for movement. The best pack and play playards are compact, easily foldable and have wheels, which is convenient for parents who are often traveling with babies. Portable playards often have lockable wheels and swivel casters, allowing parents to move the playard even easier.

If you’re having troubles choosing playards with portable features, check out these top 6 playards for travel you can pick from.

Music, Toys and Lights

A lot of playards have extra entertainment features, including soothing sounds to help your baby fall asleep, toys to play with, and additional lighting. It’s important to note, however, that such bonus options will add to the weight of the playard, making it harder to store and move. Toys and sound effects can be especially helpful if you’re using the playard as an activity center. This type of playards usually requires AA or C batteries.

Additional Tips

  • Choosing playards yourself is important. Even though they are popular gifts for parents, picking the model yourself will allow you to consider all the features that you might need. To assist you with picking the right model, here’s a list of best pack and play playards to help you get started.
  • For the measures of safety, you should only buy brand-new playards instead of used ones. Older playard models used to have top-rail hinges and side that might collapse, forming a risk for your baby.
  • Always follow the assembly instructions from the manufacturer. Only put your newborn in the playard after making sure that it’s assembled, locked and tested.

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